A Drawing A Day Project - Ready, Set, Go!

Okay, it's way past due.  But here is the thing.  It's not too late to begin now.

Introducing my new personal project....A Drawing A Day.

So many things around my life triggered the conception of this project.  So many things.    The continuously changing colors, the changing landscapes; though this time, it is somewhat familiar...  Yes, my move to Iowa celebrated its first year last week.  Wow, so fast.

My longing love for subtle change in thickness and direction of lines, my visit to my art professor at my college after nine years, posing for my retired drawing professor landlord at his atelier inspired me to start making marks and lines of my own.

Just one drawing per day.  No matter how simple or small.  That is the essence.

I started on the first day of October.  Now I have a stack.  Here they are to share.

My rules:
-Draw once a day, no matter how small or simple.
-Draw from life.  No using pictures allowed!!!

My goal originally was to post the drawing each day, but I haven't gotten that far yet.  Maybe somewhere along the line...

More drawings to come.  Very soon.

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