Aster & Bee ~ The next temporary loving home for my jellies.

Some jellies that reside in Sayuri's World decided to stick around in Portland for a little longer...

Last Sunday morning, the jellies started migrating towards SE Division St and 48th Ave.  From the very moment that they spotted the open window display space of Aster & Bee facing a seductive French bakery, the jellies knew that it would be their next temporary home for a while.

Aster & Bee is a special store located in the Richmond neighborhood in SE Portland that offers thoughtful creative lifestyle for families.  From kids' toys to locally created handmade jewelry to works of art, the lovely owners Alexis and Heather hand-pick each item in store to create the most unique shopping experience for their customers.

The jellies are very happy there, they told me themselves.  They love the sunlight they get during the day, they enjoy people-watching, too. Each of the six jellyfish species have a magical story of their own, and you can read about them here.   These jellies, along with hand-felted barnacles and hand-made coral pieces are now available to join you in your home at Aster & Bee.

Come say hi to the jellies and see them hanging in the window!
They told me they will be around until the end of February!!!

Thank you for creating a comfortable space for my jellies, Aster & Bee!

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