Behind the Museum Café ~An Urban Oasis~

Sayuri's World is thrilled to announce that a fluther of jellies has migrated to an urban oasis right behind the Portland Art Museum.  Guess where it's at??

Yes, the jellies currently reside in this tiny aquarium amidst the hand-crafted ceramic vessels and kokeshi dolls on display at Behind the Museum Café in Portland, OR.  They are available for sale at the counter in Sayuri's World gift boxes, ready to take home to create an aquarium of your own.

The cafe is in a beautiful modern space with floor to ceiling windows that allows for abundant natural light, juxtaposed with a touch of traditional Japanese accent such as carefully hand-picked antique tansu chests, art and crafts.   The space comfortably seats many that are looking for an urban sanctuary, somewhere peaceful and calm to sit and relax, offering a selection of Japanese drinks and handmade treats.

I feel like I am back in Japan whenever I am there;  with its simple and clean,  sophisticated aesthetic, it is a perfect mix of traditional Japan and ever-changing contemporary urban life.

Rumor has it that the jellies are going to be around until the end of June.

Come and see the jellies floating about while sipping on a cup of  Matcha Latte, which is a work of art on its own, not to mention the warm and sincere hospitality.

Oh, and did I mention that the 36th Portland International Film Festival opens today!??
Check out the exciting line-up here!


  1. I love your jellyfish! I remember seeing them on display at the airport and taking pictures each time I traveled home for the holidays. I was extra excited when Behind the Museum Cafe began hosting an installation too. But then...I was overjoyed when I opened my boyfriend's valentine presents for me. I'll hang these as soon as I can :D Your artwork is amazing!!!

  2. Oh, My! That is such wonderful news! Thank you for sharing that, it just made my day! -sayuri