To our Dearest, we think of you oh, so fondly.

My dad and I share the same birthday week, in fact, our birthdays are two days apart.  It's always been that way, ever since I was born.  Always.

Today, I woke up thinking of you, dad, thinking, what would make you most happy on your birthday?  Soon after, I found out that my little sister Ayumi and her dear Koji gave you the most amazing gift...  to share their wedding anniversary on your birthday.

Happy 61st, dad!  Love and miss you oh, so dearly.  

And happy love, Ayumi and Koji!  So excited for you both.

What a special day today is.  


Spoken For : And It's Official!

Have you heard of the Spoken For event that is happening  at Sandbox Studios, Portland on September 22nd??  Yes, it's only a month away!!

Hosted by lovely ladies, Chelsea, Hannah and Kelty, this event is designed to be a smorgasbord of thoughtfully and deliciously curated artists, photographers, shopowners, designers and creatives that are not your stereotypical wedding batch.  Click here for a line-up of lovelies and you shall be inspired!

And the happy news is.... I will be there (in person!!) too!  Felted cake-toppers, pompom garlands, and anything else that make your heart warm.  Images will follow suit very soon.

 Advanced tickets on sale now!!  (Click here)  Be there or be ...  square!?

Photos are here! - post fin din din

The photos have arrived from the fin din din event at Spirit of 77 couple of weeks back!!

So fun to see the chandelier of the fluther of jellies with the background of basketball hoops!

Wonderful evening, I could tell.  Cyber collaboration turned out to be a success, thanks to the thoughtful hosts!!!

Thank you, lovely Courtney, Kelley + team din din, for this exciting opportunity!

Can't wait to collaborate in person!

Photo Credit: Tim Gunther  (Thank you for sharing, Tim!  They look gorgeous!)

 The team!