Pop-Up Shop at Motley Cow Cafe!

Hello Iowa City!!

Just when you thought that you missed me at the past weekend's shows!!!

Fear no more, I will be setting up my world at Artist Pop-Up Shop and Cocktail Party at Motley Cow Cafe joining a fabulous mix of lady artists and makers this Sunday, December 14, 4-6pm!!  This event is hosted by Little Village Magazine, and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the works of Emma Goldman Clinic.  Click on the event page here for details and help us spread the word!!!

In addition to my fuzzies + jellies, I will be selling some pen+ink line drawings.

Super excited!

Please consider supporting local artists, businesses, and nonprofit organizations this holiday season!

Rad poster by the amazing & all-mighty Jensina Endresen of Bustleworship!


Holiday shows!!! Come see me!

Lately I've been making making making.
Making things that makes me happy.

I am super stoked to announce that I am participating in two holiday shows this year in Iowa City!!

Craft & Fancy (Dec 6) and Not Your Mother's Craft Fair (NYMCF) (Dec 7) are both thoughtfully curated group of local artists, makers and crafters that you would love to support!

Come and see what we make!

 Saturday, December 6, 10am-5pm
(one of the most wonderful place that makes Iowa City so special!)
207 N. Linn Street, Iowa City
++So many wonderfuls in this show, including Liz from the Paper Nest!!++

 Sunday, December 7th 10am-4pm 
Old Brick, 26 E. Market Street, Iowa City

++I will be next to my dear friend/leather crafter extraordinaire Kim Sun Long of Kim Sun Designs!!
It's a parteey!!++



Secrets of the Sea Exhibit is Open!!

I am excited to announce the opening of "Secrets of the Sea" at the Atrium Gallery at University of Southern Maine in Auburn/Lewiston!

My all hand-made fiber underwater diorama, "Coexist" will be participating in this exhibit.  YES!

This exhibit features 22 other artists and 14 poets that explore the wonders of the sea. 

Click here for more information about the exhibit!

Atrium Gallery
University of Southern Maine, Auburn/Lewiston Campus
September 18 - November 22, 2014

If you are in Maine, please go check it out!! 

Thank you!!

Coexist, detail, 32"x22"x12"
Wool, silk, bamboo, manufactured fibers, industrial felt, thread, cheesecloth, wire and wood.
Available for purchase, email sayuri[at]sayurisworld.com for inquiry.


Printed! // American Craft Magazine

Peonies are blooming, meaning it's SUMMER!!

The American Craft Magazine June/July issue arrived in the mail!
Flip through to page 12!  Voila!

For the interview online click here!

Thank you for the sweet feature, American Craft Council!


Q & A avec American Craft Council

Exciting announcement!

My web-exclusive interview with Jessica from American Craft Council is live!!
I am beyond ecstatic as this covers the core of what is important to me and my work.

Click on the image below to read!!



Tidepools // Behind The Scenes Video is Live!!

Wonderful news!!!

My dearest amazing friend + filmmaker Tom from Pretty Good Productions have created this awesome video of my thought process behind Tidepools installation at the Portland International Airport!!


Tidepools // Sayuri Sasaki Hemann from PrettyGoodProductions on Vimeo.

Tom and his partner-in-crime Nuin (a.k.a my evil twin!) have recently launched their exciting project,  Our Place On Earth.  They will be researching and documenting community-based responses to climate change through producing a documentary film.  Their dedication to their work is truly inspirational, and we need more of that in the world!

You can check out their website here to learn more, and their blog, and help spread the word!!! 


Time Capsule, Ten Years Ago.

We found this book while going through boxes in Brien's parents' basement.  It gave us some giggles.  So young and fresh!

Ten years ago today, I gave this book to Brien, 23 years old.

I was in love back then, and still am.

Happy Birthday love!
Thanks for being you.
And thank you for being the best looking unitard wearer in the world.



Tidepools // We are all connected...

Last December,  the jellies and I came back to the Portland International Airport to install my artwork, "Tidepools".  This time, a much smaller scale than my previous installation.  But this time, it is permanent, and located on Concourse D, where non-stop flights to and from Narita, Japan frequent.

"Waves in,
Waves out,
Witnessing the ever-changing currents that surround.

This piece is dedicated to all lives affected by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami."

Oh so much to say.  

I shall let these images tell the rest, for now.
More behind the scenes posts will follow.

A huge shout-out to The Weaver House for all the gorgeous images!!  Thank you my dears!

去年の暮れ,クラゲたちと私はまたもやポートランド国際空港に新しい作品、"Tidepools" を展示するために戻って来ました。今回は前回のインスタレーションよりも小規模。だけど今回は成田との直行便が行き来するコンコースDに永久に展示されます!




この作品の写真を撮ってくれたThe Weaver House、素敵な写真を今回もどうもありがとう!


This project would not have been possible without the wonderful support and the encouragement of so many of you, in so many different levels and stages of the project.  I really cannot thank you enough.  Whether it be inviting my jellies to come back, or going to the hardware store with me after a long long day of work, or making me the most amazing breakfast on my last day of installation, or letting my anemones and barnacles invade your living room, to just simply being there, I truly appreciate everything that you are. 

Port of Portland
Greta Blalock
Kert Wright
Teresa,  Lida + Barney O'Donnell
Nuin-Tara Key + Tom Miller
Kyra Plume + Ryan Commandich
My dear family

You are my love!  You are my forever superheroes.

Kert Wright
Barney O'Donnell
Brian Rusch
Greta Blalock
Bonnie Croisant
Maintenance Crew @ Port of Portland

Thank you to my dear mentors + advisors for your insights, encouragement, support and expertise.

Michele Anderson, Abi Hutchinson, Naomi Schliesman, Mike Meggers, John Borgen, Yukari Kaihori, William Barclift IV, Stephen O'Donnell, Shannon Richardson, Justin Oswald, Joe Thurston, Noah Keesecker, David Smith, Joe + Genie Patrick, Debra Beers, Nodoka Kawagoshi, Kylie Neal, Kimberly Long & Erica Damman. 

A big big shout-out to ALL my dear barnacle makers who gathered around and hand-stitched barnacles with me!  You are a source of my energy and inspiration!  Amazing! 

~Team Iowa City~
Margaret Larson*, Mary Larson*, Ellen Van Laere*, Martha Monick, Mike Meggers, Jane Meggers, Eli Katz, Africa Andrea Espina Talamilla, Kimberly Long, Hannah Papineschi, Julian Fleck, Lucie Heck, Pamela Olson, Heather Atkinson, Elizabeth Munger, Noah Keesecker, Schuyler Rahe-Dingbaum, Amber O'Harrow, Mollie Goldstrom*, Jarrett Mitchell, Rebecca Raw*, Tom Oates, Eleanor Oates, Lynne Currie, Jeff Bell, Marion Stern + Rosalynn, Forrest Meggers, Georgette Stern*, Luzi, Maelin & Eila, Anton Jones and Brian.

~Team St. Johns, PDX~
Special thanks to Kert Wright, Babs Adamski and Dre Davey for making this happen!!
Shanon Schollian, Katie + Chris Knox, Ryan Comandich, Kyra Plume, Kirsten Comandich, Laurel Nakanishi, Emily Krafft, Teresa O'Donnell, Saori Willis, Lucy Park, Yoshimi Ito, Sakiko Setaka, Yuri Baxter-Neal, Barb Erlich, Jess Beck, Jessica Jones, Jessica Dennison, Marica Thompson, Amanda Vogelbaum, Jenny Rollins, Annie LoPresti, Jaime Carse, and Bekki Sims.

This is a project that really reminded me that we are all connected.  Whether it be by the big big body of water, or by the amazing and beautiful souls and energy that are around us.




All images by the amazing The Weaver House.

For behind-the scenes process images, search for #tidepoolsflypdx and #itsabarnaclenight on instagram!