Oh, springtime ~ Are you here yet!?

Springtime, oh why oh why you are taking so long to reach us!?

In the meanwhile, a little fuzzy spring from Sayuri's World.

These bunnies and egg-shaped felted hollow decor are available now at Alma Chocolate, the most irresistible chocolatey place in P-town!  Not only does it offer delectable delicate chocolates and the best chocolate-chip cookie in town, but it now offers series of dinner collaborations with local chefs!  Wowzers.  Click here for updates on their next dinner series! 

A note about my bunnies! (New and improved!) :  Now my bunnies are 100% hand-made, and 100%wool with vintage button details!  They are squishy and they love to cuddle!  Beware of cats!

Longing for springtime,



Oh, Happy Day!

Happy first day of spring.

Happy Anniversary to you, Mom & Dad!


Happy Anniversary to us!

Today marks the very end of my annual emotional rollercoaster ride.
Happy spring.


Dear my dearest...

Dearest, dad.

I think of you every day.
Some days more than other days.

On this very day,
Every beautiful thing I see,
I take a snapshot in my mind to share with you.

Missing you.