Underwater Sanctuary for Elynn, my new special friend!

Elynn is my new special friend.

More and more as I get older, I'm finding it harder to find new friends that I can really connect on a deeper, heart-to-heart level.  But once I find one, it makes my heart tingle with a greater amplitude like never before.

Well now I am in a new territory and I have found a very new special friend.  She love me dearly, she shares her snacks with me generously, and so importantly, when I go visit her she screams my name, "Sai!!  Sai!!!!"  (on a better day, she calls me "Sayu!!") and dashes over to my legs and gives me a giant hug.

Creating an underwater sanctuary playroom has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks now.  This room is a tiny tiny space underneath the staircase in their home in Iowa City, it has an interesting layout with a varying range of ceiling height both slanted and horizontal!  Perfect for a cozy sitting/reading area with a comfy rug and an underwater oasis mural filled with love.  And felted fish cushions!!!  And jellies (of course!) floating amidst the twinkling lights!!

Elynn likes to point out her mom's favorite fish on the wall.  I ask, "What is YOUR favorite fish??", she points fish on every wall and gives me a huge smile.

Happy Birthday to you, my little one!  Can we come over for slumber parties ALL the time!??



Your Aunt "Sai" (Sayu)


Spoken For sneak peak: Felted Hearts for a Heart-felt Gathering.

As the lovely Spoken For event in Portland is coming up in almost a fortnight now, I couldn't keep my excitement to myself any longer, so I decided to post a series of sneak peaks on this blog!  YAY!

First one is of course, hand-felted heart cushions!!!   There will be lots of them.  In different colors!!! Stay tuned for more fuzzy wuzzies to come!

Tickets are on sale here for $10 and here is the list and features of ever-so-amazing roster of participants!!

Hope to see you there!