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ORGANIC RHYTHM Exhibit @ The Paper Nest!

+++++++SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!!+++++++

Sayuri's World presents


new mixed media & fiber works by

Sayuri Sasaki Hemann

Oct 4 - 31

Opening Reception (come and mingle with me!)

Friday, October 11th  5-8pm  


Library Up-do. Part III: Horn Elementary

Part III: Horn Elementary.

Horn Elementary was originally built in the late 60's, and the unique layout is reminiscent of a terminal with different wings, with the hexagon-shaped library being the hub.  Lots of meetings occur in this space, naturally.  As students go through the library in between their classes, there is always the hustle and bustle of being in transit.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a welcoming sense of space in the hub, with a playful, uplifting touch.  Designed and painted lettering and illustrations, and added some floating cloud-shaped signage to spice it up a bit.

Sketches first. 

Then painting.

After doing a several of these, I think the best part is talking to the kids while I am working.  I am constantly encouraged by these young minds, so curious and fascinated, they have the sparkles in their eyes.  I was given advice from several and compliments by many.  One little lady told me that she loves watching me paint because I am graceful.  What!!? It melted my heart a couple of times.

I feel so honored to be able to touch these minds in some little way.  The future is looking bright, I'd say. 

Cheers to that!

Library Up-do. Part II - Penn Elementary.

The next library I worked on is at Penn Elementary in North Liberty.

For this library, we wanted to create a calm and relaxed environment where the students can delve into their books. The hand-lettering gave an inviting touch to the space.

Lettering for words and quotes from various books.

Can you name the books where the quotes came from??

It is so wonderful to know that educators are always thinking of ways to inspire their students.   

Next up: Horn Elementary.


Library Up-do. Part 1: Lincoln Elementary

I have been fortunate to work on some exciting library up-do's for several elementary schools in Iowa City.

It all started when my sister in-law Salina asked me to help with writing words on the walls of her library last summer...

All lettering & ornamentations are done using pencil, paint, brush, and occasional measuring tape and yarn.  Oh, yes, and a ladder, of course.

First up:  Lincoln Elementary School library.  What a bright and colorful space with lots of windows, lots of natural light.

Next-up:  Penn Library!


Oh, springtime ~ Are you here yet!?

Springtime, oh why oh why you are taking so long to reach us!?

In the meanwhile, a little fuzzy spring from Sayuri's World.

These bunnies and egg-shaped felted hollow decor are available now at Alma Chocolate, the most irresistible chocolatey place in P-town!  Not only does it offer delectable delicate chocolates and the best chocolate-chip cookie in town, but it now offers series of dinner collaborations with local chefs!  Wowzers.  Click here for updates on their next dinner series! 

A note about my bunnies! (New and improved!) :  Now my bunnies are 100% hand-made, and 100%wool with vintage button details!  They are squishy and they love to cuddle!  Beware of cats!

Longing for springtime,