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The cut-paper window installation at RSVP in downtown Iowa City is up!!  YAY!

RSVP is a wonderful local shop, beautifully and thoughtfully curated by dear friend/owner Niki Neems.  Her deep love for writing with pen on paper (one may call old school, others may call the real deal) is what drives her selection of lovelies that she carries in her shop!  Double the treat for me because I happen to be lucky enough to work in her world a couple of days a week!!

Back in November, the RSVP elves had a low-key snowflake cutting eve down the street at wonderful Home Ec Workshop, followed by yummy pizza.  Slowly but surely, the snowflakes kept multiplying.  Some super intricately ornate, some simple and curvy others angular and geometric.  Not one is the same.

Many many thanks to Liz Munger for your wise insight/advise about working with paper; helpful friends over at Blick's, Emily Jalinsky for your wizard paper cutting help and encouragement!!

Challenge for you:  Can you find the cats sprinkling the letters!?!?  The two tofu monsters in love!? Come have a look at the window and say hi at the shop if you are near!  I shall be there all this weekend and Tues + Thurs afternoons!!  

The below images are for you lovelies too far away to visit!

Keep writing letters!



  1. Sayuri -- this is so fun to see this prelude via camera. I enjoyed the images (positive and negative paper) and the reflections (incl. You) and the whole collection of cutttings. Thank you. I'll get there before the installation closes. -- mapp

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  3. You did such a beautiful job with this! I loved walking by just to look at it.

  4. So beautiful! I’ll be coming to Iowa City in late July , 26-28 July, where could I see some of your work? Thanks!