ONE WITH FIBER // an improvisational fiber drawing


Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be a fiber artist and not a surface designer or a sculptor.  What makes fibers so unique.  I am thinking the answer lies in the realm of how the structure interrelates to the visual outcome of the piece.  There is no separation between surface and structure.  It's all connected and they feed off of each other.

I will be doing a improvisational fiber drawing performance at the window of Home Ec Workshop this Friday, February 19th, 6-8pm.  Come see what I am talking about.

ONE WITH FIBER // an improvisational fiber drawing

fiber is all i need.  my arms, hands and fingers are my tools.  
the simple process of crocheting is magnified and repeated.
decisions made in response to space and time. 
fibers will become drawing. 
i become one with fiber.

This also conveniently coincides  (okay, we planned it this way!) with Home Ec's 8th year  anniversary celebration, and so extra merry and fun.  Come over!


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